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Driving under Influence (DUI) of either alcohol or other impairing drugs is illegal in all the 50 American states.

This is a criminal charge taken seriously and one that gets punished accordingly.

States that operated under impaired driving laws, were urged by the American Medical Association as well as federal agencies to set BAC level in the very least 0.15% and even lower.

As a consumer, please note that different states have different set age drinking gapes ranging from 18-21.

The consumer protection law on the other hand come into effect under the Motor Vehicle Warrant Enforcement Act.

The act states that when a new or demonstration motor vehicle is leased or purchased and unfortunately it has condition or defect covered by the warranty (manufacturer’s) that impairs the use, value or safety of the automobile, it is important that you report the problem to the authorized dealer or the manufacturer.

The consumer law applies to all major problem that get reported to the authorized service agent or the manufacturer during the first 24,000 mile or the first 18 months of using the automobile, whichever comes first. © 2019